#knee #MCL #sleeping #bracing #compression Hi, I'm new. One issue I'm having increasingly frequently is strain of the MCL (ligament running vertically along inner side of right knee). Oddly, the strains happen while I'm sleeping, not while on my walks or during other daytime activities. I sleep on my side, with a big pillow between my knees and a heavy buckwheat-hull pillow behind me for support. I think what is happening is that, while my muscles are super-relaxed in sleep, my knee is slipping lower than my ankle on top of the pillow between my knees, slightly twisting my knee inward as if I were knock-kneed. I hope this makes sense. When the MCL is sore, I can get it to calm back down if I wrap it in an ACE bandage for several days, esp. when I'm sleeping. My questions are as follows: (1) Is it safe to just sleep in a soft brace or Ace bandage nightly to stabilize the knee, and (2) is there anything else I can do to stop having this annoying issue? I have been doing PT-assigned leg lifts, etc., for many months, but that has not helped.

Posted by Jenny at 2022-12-21 08:40:45 UTC