Has anyone been ordered to do physical therapy whilst doing Zebra Club? Did you just use Zebra Club to try to undo the damage from the physical therapy? I have already been through a round of PT and there is no hypermobile specialist there. I was told the exercises were being modified for me so as not to hyperextend my joints but I was made to progress much too fast and was always in pain from it. They just said they're required to progress it at a certain speed. I am required to do 6 weeks of PT, AGAIN, to get an MRI approved on my knee because scheduling problems made my previous PT and my MRI date too far apart to allow it to be covered. They had me doing dead lifts and leg press machine and several other leg machines with quite heavy weights that caused a lot of strain on my joints. Plus wall sits, leg raises, bridges with feet on a gym ball and all sorts of other things I didn't feel at all ready for. At least 30 reps of every exercise. I felt like I was going to pass out through all of it, my heart rate was crazy, my joints were a mess. Plus the twice daily home program of more wall sits, leg raises, side walking squats with a band around my knees, etc. that would leave me exhausted and in pain, again 30 reps of each. I'm honestly worried to do PT again and feel like it is just going to set me back. Anything you've asked your PT for specifically to try to get them to accommodate you? Or did you just do what they said and then deal with your body after it was over?

Posted by SunRise42 at 2022-12-21 16:14:23 UTC