I posted last week about muscle spasms in my back. This week I think I have a disc prolapse/flare up of old one. Either way it is looking a very slow recovery. Day 4 of total bedrest as I can only get to the loo for myself at the moment (I’ve had to come to family to be looked after). Some v v small progress, and an MRI requested. Last time this happened it was more than a year for recovery. Very much hoping this won’t be as bad but also trying to anticipate longer term needs. Are there any other recommendations or people who identify with similar experience? I first had disc prolapse in my 20s (am now 49) also concerned re impact of Covid infection on my connective tissues from March infection (I broke my ankle in April). This is more injury than usual. #DiscProlapse #SlippedDisc #Covid #Sciatica #BrokenBones

Posted by Louise Kenward at 2022-12-22 08:33:04 UTC