Has anyone had a meniscus tear and what happened? I had mri this morning so awaiting results next week. Really worried its going to require surgery. I was finally diagnosed with HEds last week age 56, apparently only my thumbs aren't hypermobile. But up to 2 years ago I was fine and had no idea I was even excessively bendy. Never dislocated anything, no sprains or breaks. Had a cesarean at 34 and healed easily. So I'm still in shock and partly can't believe it but it maybe explains why I have so much pain, anxiety and weakness. Its like I've landed in a different body i don't recognise. I've read that it can be difficult to heal from surgery with EDS so I'm wondering how a tear repair would go. Has anyone had one or other surgery after menopause?

Posted by lizyorks at 2022-12-22 09:28:29 UTC