Hello :-) I’m new to the group and I’m keen to start the program but faced with a massive wall of resistance. Any tips on finding motivation And sticking with good practices? I’m generally a highly motivated person but when it comes to physio and even taking my supplements I come up against huge resistance. I have been in pain from as young as I can remember and was always crippled with gastric issues. but Always thought it was due to early childhood trauma. my condition took a drastic turn at age 30 when I became disabled and I received diagnosis shortly after that. I had been practising yoga (not wisely) and originally found pain relief but I’m sure it was a large contributing factor to the disability I now live with. I’m a rapper so threw myself into that during the time I was not able to do anything with my hands/legs and ended up straining The muscles in my throat and chest and could not speak for two years with the agony. I am able to talk again now but I’m still limited and don’t feel like I could really scream for example. I cannot write or type (use the voice diction thing so apologies for any mistakes and random capital letters) and I can only walk for a very short distance, with difficulty. I suffered my whole life with chronic bladder issues but I’m happy to say I’ve had no problems there for three years although that is likely due to this period of my life being single. I’m concerned if sex was part of my life again the problems would return. Does anybody else struggle with writing/typing. Even scolling sends crippling neuropathic pain up my arm. I usually use my nose instead. My dream would be to be able to have the proper use of my hands and arms again. Any advice would be much appreciated or if anyone has any other tricks for navigating this issue. I’ve been reading everyone’s posts over the past week since I joined and it’s wonderful joining a community of people who understand something that no one else really can. Thank you ❤️

Posted by Valerie at 2022-01-23 08:22:28 UTC