How to prevent #sittingpain I just found this short little video Jeannie posted. I know I saw a post not long ago from someone asking here about how to deal with sitting pain and wanted to share this. I have been struggling (all my life) with sitting pain. This year I bought a car back support, 2 low back braces, had lots of manual therapy and discussions. Last year I bought the body braid. Something at the end of what Jeannie shares here is an enlightening statement for me. For 20 years, I would sit with a very strong anterior pelvis in long meditation and healing sessions, very very still, tensing to hold positions while breathing and fatiguing. Once I started to collapse, practice pilates, try to understand the dysfunction, I still did not realize what I was doing - until today! At the end of this video Jeannie shares how this anterior pelvis, pushing the thoracic forward and putting tension in the diaphragm and "trying to hold yourself up" causes breathing difficulty. I love the words "just pop your hand there and see if you can just let it go"! I tried to apply the new approach to sitting and can now really see how to let go and sit without tension, struggle, fatigue and pain. I have been working on this but now have a deeper understanding of why I want to avoid going into this pattern. Once again, thank you Jeannie!

Posted by gurrylife at 2022-12-22 13:43:07 UTC