#Shoulder A couple of nights ago I watched one of Jeannie's videos about shoulder pain. My left shoulder has been agonizing for the past few years (I'm 58). I was surprised and calmed to hear Jeannie say her left shoulder would pop, and that the shoulder trouble can refer pain to the jaw, because I have that pain in the jaw when the shoulder is bad off (usually at the end of the day). It also makes a popping sound when I move my shoulder forward and back. Is this popping, in addition to the pain, something I need to have checked out by an orthopedic doctor? Or is this "normal" enough for EDS that what I can focus on are the programs here? Is popping a sign of subluxation? I have never had a dislocation, and I'm not sure that I know what a subluxation would feel like. My former PT said I would know if I had one because it would be extremely painful. Is that right?

Posted by Jenny at 2022-12-23 07:55:14 UTC