I am looking for help with overly mobile fascia. I am having a wild ride. What I thought was Mast Cell Activation turned out to be Hodgkin's Lymphoma. This journey has been crazy in my body. The cancer created this crazy all over itch and also I had this deep soreness/ not rightness about my body and I'd spend hours scratching, massaging, stretching and this was while I was going to a physical therapist who also did dry needling. Well I think I worked out all the kinks because my fascia is overly flowing - like a wave throughout my entire body- and now I can spend hours trying to put myself back together by directing this freely flowing wave of fascia movement. Luckily the treatments are working and I'm guessing this is connected to how my lymph system is working around the cancer and so will improve. But does anyone have experience with something like this or who on earth could I work with. My functional md acknowledges whats going on but hasn't had many ideas other than Rolfing. I'm just now starting to feel well enough to work out. I'm open to any suggestions or recommendations of resources. Thanks so much.

Posted by susan.millerstigler at 2022-12-23 13:11:13 UTC