Hey guys, I wanted to post to acknowledge that although there can be a lot of fun activities and moments during the holidays to enjoy- often having EDS can limit or even derail plans altogether. No matter how hard we work or how much we hope to manage our symptoms to the degree we wish we could, sometimes or even routinely, EDS is still in the driver’s seat. I am sorry for those of you who aren’t able to celebrate the holidays the way you wish you could, for plans that have been quashed, for having to the courage to ask for accommodations that are not met with a sense of acceptance or the understanding you would hope for, and deserve. Sometimes gathering with loved ones can be joyous, but sometimes or for some people, it’s a source of feeling isolated or stressed, especially when you have family that do not take your health seriously or when you’re the only one in your family with a serious medical condition. They may ignore or insult your boundaries, because EDS is not convenient for them or for some other reason, they simply can’t take in your reality with kindness and a bit of grace. You’re not alone. You are seen. Your needs are valid. Sending big Zebra hugs to you all ❤️ May your holidays be happy or at least come with plenty of yummy food and maybe a bit of yummy adult cider ;)

Posted by teddyhadapixie at 2022-12-24 16:18:59 UTC