Recently Jeannie posted an article link, but there is something in there i havent heard about. Ciprofloxacin, an antibiotic. The article says this: "While on vacation, Dickinson says she got food poisoning and was prescribed ciprofloxacin, an antibiotic that can pose a serious risk to people with EDS. It triggered significant nerve damage, digestive issues that almost made her go blind because her body wasn’t absorbing nutrients, and put her in a wheelchair, she says. Dickinson, who finally received her hEDS diagnosis in 2014, says taking the wrong medication “wrecked me from head to toe.” Now that she’s receiving treatment, "I can walk with mobility aids, but most of my body has to have constant support to function." " A quick google search brings up that the FDA recommended in 2018 that floroquinones should not be used in people with EDS because it can cause bleeding and bulges/ruptures in the aorta, and blood vessels. Does anyone have any additional information/experience about this? TLDR: avoid floroquinones a class of antibiotics. Especially if you have VEDS.

Posted by Deleted (c5085e99) at 2022-12-24 18:28:23 UTC