This big-ticket “Christmas-present-to-self” has been a long time in the making (in the saving-for TBH!) and I’m so stoked to finally have it!! It’s been over 6 years since I could be upstairs at home and I understand and accept that where my body is at it right now, I’m still a very long way away, in time, from climbing those stairs again, if I ever do. That understanding and acceptance is a gift to myself as well. Our formerly-shared bedroom and our music studio are both up there, plus a balcony I designed (and was building) and hadn’t seen since it was finished. There’s definitely been tears of joy and also of grieving in the experience of reacquainting myself with these parts of my home. It’s ugly as anything 😂 and noisy too! 🎧 but I absolutely love it and I’m very happy to share this gift to myself with the global Dazzle! This community brings me so much comfort and joy. ✨🦓✨🦓✨🦓✨🦓💚🦓✨🦓✨🦓✨

Posted by barbara at 2022-12-25 21:41:23 UTC