Hi, merry Xmas. I´m back and after moving from Spain to Germany I will have a bit more time and give the program another try as I got a lot worse. I found out I have atlantoaxial instability and a lot of prolapses that are worse than I thought. Now I´m walking from side to side and tumbling with nausea and vertigo, dizziness. I also have cramps in my shins and problems with my lower back and SI joint are getting worse now I put so much effort into moving abroad. I try to use this app as my own personal rehab session before getting invasive treatment. Is anyone else from Germany here? Today I did the pain management for the coccyx and thorax. I try to combine with normal shorter Pilates classes and Vinyasa Yoga and have to find the time, as I can´t walk anymore outside.

Posted by Deleted (213fc268) at 2022-12-26 00:16:19 UTC