A month ago I was in great cardio condition with walking 45 min/day plus another couple miles on the glider and recumbent bike - all relatively joint friendly cardio. Then everything went haywire with achy joints everywhere, and I researched hypermobility (aha moment!), found this club and started in. However - I really miss the cardio. I had felt so good (aside from the pain) and if I stop cold turkey I feel sluggish and miserable. But Dr. Rusek’s talk made me think I might not have any choice but to stop the cardio for a while. There is just no way to move anything that doesn’t irritate some touchy joint, is there? Advice? I really fear that stopping cardio will turn me into a couch potato and put on 15 pounds. :(

Posted by ClaireS at 2022-12-26 19:05:19 UTC