I was going to put a link on the post by @emilylswiatek re: meditation for pain, recommending the work of Tara Brach. While hunting about on her website, I learned a bit about her life, turns out she's a zebra too! She's non specific, but mentions genetics, connective tissue, pain, mobility problems... Anyway I think she is an excellent meditation/ mindfulness teacher, and there are bags and bags of free audios available for almost any circumstance. It anyone wants to pursue this further, definitely worth a listen. http://agnetalagercrantz.se/tara-brach-and-why-self-compassion-is-so-radical/ https://www.tarabrach.com/pain/ There is a menu at the bottom of meditations list where you can select a topic. It's not a great website! But super content.

Posted by rachaelr at 2022-12-28 21:26:14 UTC