Hello everyone, I would like to ask for anyone β€˜s experience here on surgical removal of the ovaries/uterus. The docter noticed a cyst on my right ovary that first looked normal but she did not like it because of my age (47) and suggested to take the pill for three months so It could disappear that way. Unfortunetely I got a trombosis in my foot after only 10 days taking the pill so I had to stop taking it. Now 3 months later she checked again and it has grown and changed structure so now it is borderline malicous. It has to be removed 6 th january and than after 1 week they can confirm from the lab if it is malicious or not. If malicious than they will do second surgery and remove everything uterus and the other ovary as well. I have never had any surgery and am quite a bit worried because of healing/stitching with our hypermobile bodies. I informed her but she thinks there is nothing to do special. Surgery will be with small incisions ( not open surgery). My skin looks normal, I am more on the hypermobile eds side with joint problems as mail problems. I informed her also about my neck instability and Tmj, so hopefully that goes fine. What to pay attention to during surgery and afterwards ? Healing process etc What if everything has to be removed, how do hypermobile bodies respond to that ? Immediately in menopauze of course :( Will I become even more hypermobile ? More joint problems ? Taking hormones is now definitely a no go after the trombosis. I would be gratefull for any experience you want to share, or any ideas that might be helpfull for me before or during or after surgery. Kind regards and have a nice new years evening and my best whishes for you all πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€ Marylene

Posted by marylene at 2022-12-29 12:12:01 UTC