Sharing amazingly early dramatic pain-reduction results--early because I've been onboard just a little over a week: I have always had low #lumbar back pain in general, and especially from going on walks or doing other exercises. This started before high school, and I'm 58 now. Among other videos, I've been working with the "Quiet Standing" video from the YouTube channel. I began standing that way while working in the kitchen. I realized from that video and practicing just standing as @jeanniedibon instructs, that I have chronic anterior pelvic tilt, and this dysfunctional bracing is what has been causing my back pain. On my daily half-hour walks, I started experimenting with transfering quiet standing to walking consciously to relax into my feet and allow my tailbone to point down instead of unconsciously bracing my pelvis. I've woken up for several days in a row, for the first time in literally decades, without the lumber back pain! I have a little soreness still lower down in my hip area, but it is very tolerable, and the horrible all-day lumbar pain elimination is already life-changing!

Posted by Jenny at 2022-12-30 20:27:33 UTC