What's one exercise/movement/practice/thing that has helped you improve strength or alignment or feel better in your body? Not just classes (though hearing how much people like them help) but like single movements or practices or exercises. My executive function and mental health is a mess and I'm caught in a cycle of being in pain but being too overwhelmed by the idea of a whole class to do anything... I feel like I need the smallest baby steps to get back on the horse/ practice harm reduction. It's really frustrating after actually having had times where I feel okay about my body and movement doing the Muldowney Protocol, or pilates yoga etc, despite EDS and JRA, and now being in a year of very little movement and paying for it 😭 Thanks for any tips. πŸ’•

Posted by Deleted (48b31e56) at 2022-12-31 04:30:39 UTC