Happy New Year Zebras! Can anyone advise on the best classes to start re strengthening my neck? I have been diagnosed with OA of C4and C5 and since trying swimming in the summer have neck spasms, numbness and pain (coat hanger). Over Christmas I developed ‘ tinnitus‘ for a week that was triggered/ eased by tongue, jaw and neck movements. Gone now but I know this can be attributed to neck and TMJ issues. I have ADHD and my despite knowing I must strengthen my neck to relieve symptoms, my brain just won’t let me do it! I know this sounds mad to those without ADHD. Any advice gratefully received in terms of appropriate classes and overcoming procrastination. I have asked to join the accountability group. Many thanks 🙏

Posted by Deleted (ea518c92) at 2023-01-01 12:38:38 UTC