Happy New Year!! Getting some gentle movement in this morning happens to be the best way for me to compassionately start my day/year. As I sit here managing my POTS and prepare for which exercises to do, I figured I'd reach out about a couple of questions: 1- Is there any way to create a queue or playlist on this app? 2- Any thoughts or suggestions on wearing compression socks/leggings DURING movement therapy? ... I find myself wearing LB compression most days to help manage POTS, pain, and I feel that they give me helpful proprioceptive feedback during daily function... But I also wonder if I should work up to progressively incorporating movement without compression gear into my AM routines. Ex: Maybe on days where compression socks is a preventative measure I could complete mat exercises without compression and progressively work toward standing exercises w/o compression? Not sure if this is appropriate for this forum (first time poster here), but I figured I'd share some of my morning motivators. Today, a bit of perspective and helpful vibes did the trick 👍

Posted by AngieB the Zebra OT at 2023-01-01 16:10:13 UTC