Hello! An update on how it’s going with #LDN #lowdosenaltrexone . I started extremely slowly at .75mg for 10 days, then 1.5mg for 10 days, then 2.25 mg for 3 days. By the second day my nausea was unbearable! The literature says this is a “very rare” side-effect and so, surprise, surprise… my rare body felt it. Yuck! So, I wrote to the company from whom I was prescribed the LDN. They suggested that I take it a little earlier in the evening, with food in my stomach (I usually try to go to bed on an empty stomach), and break open the capsules to take the powder sublingually. Not a nice flavor, of course, but this seems to be working! I plan to stay at 2.25 for 2 weeks, and then up to 3.0mg, which I hope will be as high as I need to go. Re: vivid dreams and insomnia - the suggestion was to take it earlier in the evening or late afternoon. Seems to be helping this as well.

Posted by mischascookin at 2023-01-03 21:32:13 UTC