Talk about new beginnings! My mom, who hasn’t driven in over 3 years, bought a car on Saturday. Then she texted me (texting is a big deal in itself) that she’d driven to the beach on Sunday. She texted me that she’d driven to the store on Monday, and then was at the dentist when I called today. Ummm… I think she’s feeling better…after a year+ in assisted living, getting medical treatment, mental health care, emotional support, and time to grieve. I think she has turned a corner since she accepted that she and I are suffering from a genetic condition. No more “It’s all in your head” and “You have to learn how to manage your pain and other symptoms.” No more gaslighting. Knowing allows for healing. Pretty amazing 🤞🙏🏻💕

Posted by amberbuscemi at 2023-01-04 02:50:49 UTC