Hey folks! I'm new here. I've been doing some of the guided meditations and am finding relief for areas of extreme tension that I have not known now to release till now. One thing I'm noticing - it's deeply emotional work and as much as I'm benefitting, I feel like I simply can't relax completely. It's like there's this layer of tension that is so deeply embedded in my body and I just can't let it go. To the extent that I can let go, it simultaneously triggers feelings of relaxation AND emotional distress. (Just finished a the head and neck tension meditation and crying as I type.) Any thoughts on working through this? Has anyone else experienced anything similar. I know so many emotions are stored in the body and have heard of people having similar emotional distress triggered by massages, etc.

Posted by Deleted (968a6b34) at 2023-01-06 18:53:51 UTC