A very significant cake this one. Saturday night win.. ✨✨🤩 This time last year I felt entirely broken and terrified that things would stay like that forever. So sore, injured, anxious, exhausted, you know! As a point of reflection, all I could manage for my son's 3rd birthday last year was sticking a few rice paper toppers on to a cake my friend kindly made for me. I've always loved all the preparation of my daughters birthdays and really gone to town on the cakes. I felt like I was letting him down, like it wasn't fair, and mostly sad that I couldn't. And this year - ta da! I'm so pleased I can do it again ( using all the tools.. pacing, compression gear, braces, bla bla bla) . Hooray! 🤩

Posted by rachaelr at 2023-01-08 00:31:25 UTC