Question about using instability on the ball. I’d like to understand what’s in play here… I’m someone who has headaches on one side centered at the nape of my neck, connected to tightness from using my clavicle/scapula/cerv spine/and on down. So… when I get my pelvis up on the ball and try to knee roll (move my knee towards my chest), I’m feeling tightness all along that side of my hips and spine up into that neck trigger. I can feel it pulling and starting a headache with the motion and lessening when I relax. Help me understand what to focus on here to do this as intended? I’m trying to get more “heavy pelvis” but I‘m not understanding how to “roll” my leg using no muscles at all lol. (My abs seem to be working when not on the ball btw.) Thx.

Posted by Ono Miko at 2023-01-08 17:35:04 UTC