I have a question about #cortisol. Is it part of dysautonomia to struggle to regulate your stress responses? I've just had a ridiculously stressful weekend running a sleepover for 30 kids. I was actually ready to sleep by around 3am yesday, although I had a few more interruptions until 4-ish. Having been fighting various fires for several hours though, i couldn't wind down and ended up on TZC at 4:30 trying & failing to meditate, then doing one of the pre-sleep videos. I was absolutely wired to the point of shaking, but not in an anxiety way. Finally dozed off around 5ish but woke after less than 2 hours, then spent the rest of the morning on a cortisol buzz, including teaching at Sunday school! I then verbally processed it all with my husband after the kids were in bed (having dealt with a meltdown from one daughter and the other daughter starting her 1st period) and ended up on another cortisol rush. You can probably tell from this message that I'm still unable to regulate the stress response!!! It's quite normal for me to be like this when I'm in stressful situations but this is extreme. Is this possibly partly dysautonomia? I do have mental health issues so it's hard to know. My POTS is definitely worse today... Even if it isn't that, which videos will help me to wind down as I didn't sleep well last night and can't miss yet another night of sleep! Thank you for reading this far!!

Posted by Caroline G at 2023-01-09 15:04:03 UTC