Morning all. Looking for advice on maintaining strength whilst mostly stuck in bed. I fell down the stairs on new years eve and broke my leg in 3 places. (Turns out the OT had a point saying "always hold on to the rail"!) Ive had surgery to pin bones back together. I can't weight bear on the leg for at least 6-9 weeks. I'm now anaemic and my BP is very low. Also I'm on blood thinners, which has made my usual blood pooling in my feet and calves now spectacularly fast. So I'm not up to hopping about on crutches beyond loo and back. On broken leg I can manage bending the knee and wiggling toes. So far I've done the Nurturing Bedtime Routine couple of times (well, minus one leg!), and am planning on one of the Non Weight Bearing classes today. Just wondering if anyone has any tips on general little movements and fidgets I can do sat /laid in bed to keep things stronger. Thanks all!

Posted by mardymum at 2023-01-13 10:50:58 UTC