I’m new to zebra club and learning about expansion vs stretching. I love the you tube video on this. I’m wondering if anyone can speak to doing some of this expansion work following a gentle swim cardio workout. In the past, I would go into the sauna, and stretch my hip flexors, hamstrings, quads, and glutes following a swim. Now that I’m learning how this can be detrimental, I’m wondering about how I can incorporate doing some of these expansion exercises following my swim because of my experience if I do nothing, I tend to have tightness in the muscle groups I mentioned above. My gym does not have an area for stretching near the pool, and I’m not comfortable enough going into the regular part of the gym in my bathing suit to use a mat. So, I’m specifically looking for ideas of how I could do this while still standing in the pool or hot tub. Especially (1) the side lying stretches, which seemed to help open up the hip flexors, but I think it would be very uncomfortable to lay on the floor of the sauna. (2) glute, shoulder and hamstring expansion on the back on the mat. Thank you in advance ! #stretch #stretching #swim #hips #hipflexors #glutes #hamstrings #expansion #flossing

Posted by Gumby Shrink at 2023-01-17 20:07:29 UTC