Hello everyone! I have a question regarding hip pain. My right hip always been more sensitive but when i gave birth to my youngest child (4 years ago) something snapped in my hip and since then the pain is always there. Many doctors told me it was impossible that something snapped in it and refered me to physiotherapy and despite my efforts it didn't work. My new doctor thinks its probably "just" my hypermobility that causes the pain but i will have some imaging done soon. For special reasons (relocated with my family since october because our house caught in fire) i have to drive the car everyday of the week for 3 to 4 hours a day since i'm now the "family taxi". I'm using my right foot the press the pedals, the first 2 days of the week the pain is manageable but after that it's really terrible, walking and sitting become difficult. Sorry for the long story, my question is do you have suggestions to relieve a bit the hip pain? I tried unwind the pelvis but i think it was a bit too hard for me because i got a flare up, maybe it's the good video for my problem but i should do less repetitions? Any other videos i can do or advice please? I was thinking of getting a cane for the worst days, is it a good idea? I have to continue to drive everyone for another couple of months because our house won't be ready before june/july so i'm all ears for any advice you might have. Thank you very much and sorry for the long post! Have a great day!

Posted by Sarah Bousquet at 2022-01-27 11:56:54 UTC