Are there any ways to figure out if increase in instability is specifically from too lax muscles OR from too tense muscles? Both will increase instability for me, especially in my neck, but I find it very difficult to identify which at what times, and I feel like it would be useful to know which one so that I can tailor my approach correctly. I spent too much time in front of the PC for 3 weeks, up until last week, and not enough time exercising and walking, also had the flu. Just been back to slightly more normal routine for the last week. It's currently extra unstable from around C4- T1 and whilst I'm not having too much pain or anything, it's a very distracting sensation. T1 I can usually keep stable with specific exercises, but it doesn't seem to be working right now. The ones from C7 to C3 I have not been able to work out precisely what helps. Exercises have been very effective for C0-C2, so that's amazing.

Posted by Ida at 2023-01-18 14:47:21 UTC