I'm pretty new and was in pain from local PT before beginning here. I've been doing mainly the very gentle practices for sleep, relaxation, and fatigue. I feel like I'm barely exerting any effort in these exercises, but am surprised how sore I am even after cutting back. One of several phenomena that is mystifying me is soreness of my ribcage and underarms. Is this probably from mobilizing fascia? It feels just beneath the skin, and it becomes especially noticeable when I'm on a walk and breathing deeply. In general, it is strange to me that I can lift weight in the gym with more effort and not be sore, but doing these gentle exercises makes me sore. Is this because I'm using subtle or smaller muscles (or fascia) that grosser exercises do not? Mainly just curious, but I do hope the soreness will go away eventually.

Posted by Jenny at 2023-01-19 06:41:31 UTC