Hello, I just want to list some of my recent symptoms to see if anyone with POTS or something similar to it has had any experience with them. I have been having trouble doing anything remotely active (even things like getting into my bed) I get super light headed, dizzy and my heart rate goes through the roof. I am having to use a lot of breathing exercises to keep myself from actually passing out. Yesterday at my shotgun practice I was standing in place for an hour but I noticed I could hear my heartbeat really loud and fast in my ears, so I checked and my heart rate was 163. I was starting to feel really woozy at practice which made me a little upset because I really enjoy practice and I don’t want to have to give it up because I’m passing out or getting dizzy. Unfortunately I still have 2 weeks until I see the cardiologist. I just find myself more scared to do things now because I am afraid of passing out. Sorry for the ramble but it is stressing me out a lot.

Posted by isabelrenae0 at 2023-01-21 18:59:11 UTC