(not asking for medical advice, just looking to share and learn about other's experiences.) So I suspect I have CCI and/or AAI but have not yet had imaging done to confirm as I'm pretty much working on my own to get referrals and research doctors and it's taking time. I've had the "bobble head" symptom for years before I even had any idea I had HSD. Can't hold my head up without extreme fatigue, often get tremors in the back of my neck and shoulders due to how heavy my head feels. Over the last year it's amplified and now when I do anything that puts strain on my neck and shoulders - writing a letter, holding a position where my head is turned to the side, turning my neck side to side, holding a baby, etc - it triggers radiating pain throughout my whole body (structural and what feels like soft tissue, internal organ pain). It also often gets worse in the evening and when I lay down to sleep my head feels like it's spinning, my heart is racing and I'll have a very odd fuzzy sensation in my diaphragm/abdominal area that will cause a sudden jerk/contraction radiating from there throughout my whole body. Eventually, if I take it easy for a few days it seems like my body will work itself back into alignment and I'll no longer have any pinching in my neck that produces all these symptoms. Has anyone else experienced anything similar?

Posted by Deleted (968a6b34) at 2023-01-21 23:55:03 UTC