Mental Health A lot of people are struggling with flares and overwhelm at the moment so I thought I would share a simple technique that works for me when pain, fatigue and brain fog create overwhelm. On an A4 piece of paper I created a wellbeing plan with 3 sections, green, amber and red. Green are the things I personally need to do to stay well each day. When overwhelm creeps in I look at the green section and can quickly recognise where I may have slipped up, rectify this and get back on track. If I have done everything in the green section I look at amber and implement this. I've only needed to move to amber twice. Thankfully I've never reached the point of needing the red section, but if I did I know where I could get support in a real crisis. I keep this on the side of my fridge to refer to whenever I feel im going off track. I've attached a pic but deleted people's names and phone numbers. Perhaps we could all share how we keep mentally well, especially in a flare?

Posted by Aurora69 at 2023-01-24 19:15:48 UTC