I’m composing a list of peer reviewed sources to take to my pcp in hopes he will take over my care while I search for a new endocrinologist. I have high prolactin levels and we’re searching for the right treatment and possible causes. My endocrinologist was a dead end. I was wondering if anyone here had anecdotal evidence of having high prolactin, which I could add to my pile of “reasons this other guys is lovely but not right for this treatment”. My current endocrinologist truly doesn’t believe there are any symptoms of high prolactin, and every time I see him he has a new theory for how to dismiss all my symptoms (even if it’s contradictory to other claims he’s made). If I wasn’t producing milk he said he wouldn’t do treatment at all. It’s infuriating, and I’m ready to move on. I think having some anecdotal evidence or treatment plans might help give my pcp the nudge to take over care while I look for a new endo when combined with the 10 sources I’ve compiled. Ill cross post this in the thread where I first asked about prolactin. #prolactin

Posted by marie.kelley at 2023-01-26 21:53:20 UTC