Hi there! I’m a new zebra. I’ve been exploring the app and going through foundations and some of the starter strengthening exercises. (I’m having to go slow so I don’t trigger a flare up) learning about EDS is helping me put so many pieces together. It’s such a relief to be able to finally be able to make sense of this. My pain spots are migratory. It feels like I’m always waiting to see where it will land next. The two most chronic areas of pain are my intercostal muscles, spine, rib subluxation, knees and hands. Both my knees and ribs are incredibly painful while attempting to sleep. I have 3” memory foam and a zillion pillows to help prop me in safe sleeping positions. Sleep is definitely my most dangerous activity. 🙄 Since dislocating a rib in November sleeping in a guest bed without all my pillows and foam, a chiropractor had me wear a lumbar brace around my rib cage for a couple of days and at night to support my rib and supporting muscles. The brace allows me to sleep as close to pain free as I’ve experienced since my 20s. Compression braces help on my knees at night but I can’t always wear them. Compression gloves help my hands as well a lot of the time. I’m working on learning how to walk and sit properly without bracing. I take magnesium glycinate daily. It helps tremendously with decreasing rib muscle spasms. I had EBV in 7th grade. I have hashimotos. I’ve also been dealing with long Covid and lung issues since March 2020. Anyone else have rib issues? What’s helped you? What does everyone do to sleep safely?

Posted by Deleted (ee8ce3bf) at 2022-01-30 01:13:31 UTC