Today I went for an appointment with my wonderful acupuncturist who I’ve been seeing for many years before my understanding of EDS. I’ve been explaining to her about it & was telling her about Jeannie & the other ladies in the Reader’s Digest. She scribbled to write it down to buy later as she is eager to understand more. By chance I went into the local newsagents & there were the copies of February’s issue. I thought I’ll buy two copies, one for me & one for her. When I went to pay for the copies the lady at the till asked me.. buying two copies? I found myself explaining to her that it had a great article explaining about a condition poorly understood. She was keen to learn more too. I found myself with a greater spring in my step that there is a greater commitment to understanding the condition more. Thank you to Jeannie & all involved in spreading understanding & from there hopefully better ease of diagnosis & treatment in the future. Feeling hopeful :)

Posted by AnneG at 2023-01-27 22:46:21 UTC