Warning for anyone in the northeast of the US-we’re supposed to have 3, possibly 4, big temperature swings over a 24 hour period in the next week.. You may want to plan accordingly, if like me and many other zebras, big temperature swings trigger pain flares. For instance, tomorrow it’s going to be 20 degrees colder than it is now, so I cleared my Tuesday schedule so it’s very light/at home activities and rescheduled my doctor’s visit for a day when their won’t be a massive temperature swing. I’ll also be taking an Epsom salt bath before bed to really soak my joints/muscles, even if they’re not sore in that moment, to try and preemptively “cushion” my body when the following day will have a big temperature swing. If you guys notice your body reacts badly when there is a big temperature swing in a short period of time (for me that’s about 17 degrees, in either direction, or more in a 24 hour period),or just any kind of weather in particular, looking up weather forecasts in advance can be helpful with planning your days in advance-but if you do this make sure to re-check the predictions once a day, as climate change has made predictions more unstable sometimes. Weather.com and accuweather give hourly, daily and 10 day predictions. Accuweather can give you daily predictions for up to 3 months in advance. Sending you all low pain day wishes ❤️

Posted by teddyhadapixie at 2023-01-30 14:51:37 UTC