Sharing some thoughts and advice for gamers! I can't use a keyboard/mouse for long and my reflexes are shit so I have had to adjust my habits for my favourite hobby a lot, I reccommend using big controllers like the switch Pro or xbox and configuring the heck out of controls to suit how your hands are playing up - for example I find the buttons easier to press repeatedly than triggers. I wear compression gloves which helps a lot with my proprioception - I often find myself gripping the controller really fucking hard, even bending my fingers back, for no reason, and the gloves help me notice when I'm doing it and relax. For a while last year my thumbs were not up to using a controller at all and I switched to playing phone games on a tablet instead. I'm super enjoying Arcade Paradise at the moment and it has great accessibility options. I play a lot of visual novels, turn based RPGs and management sims because either the action always progresses atyour pace or you can pause and take your time. I do still enjoy action games, obsessed with rogue likes and recently enjoyed playing Bioshock finally for the first time, I just put it on easy and felt allll powerful 😁 Dead by Daylight is a great option for online play as an alternative to battle royales that need reflexes you might not have, you get the same team structure but playing slowly and thoughtfully is actually rewarded. It also relies a lot on your ability to listen to the environment which I think helps me focus and calms my anxiety!! Anyone else got advice or rwccomendations to share? I'd love to meet people who might want to play with me 😁

Posted by Bobby at 2023-01-30 16:35:45 UTC