Hello Everyone! I recently found out that I have a “very severe” case of TMD. I was fitted for an oral appliance/splint this past week and will be picking it up on Valentine’s Day 💌. My pain doc has recommended going straight to Botox injections as I have knots in my chewing muscles. I’ll admit that I am a little hesitant and a bit fearful - NOT because of needles or having an increase in my pain - BUT I have multiple allergies, Mast Cell and chemical sensitivities. I am reactive to most things and am concerned about injections Botox into my already overburdened system. I certainly realize that no Zebra is alike. And even those of us with MCAS have vastly different reactions. That being said, if anyone in a similar situation is willing to share their experience, it would be appreciated. Thanks for reading. Enjoy your day or evening wherever you are. Be well, Kerry

Posted by Deleted (fad7a64a) at 2022-01-30 21:58:37 UTC