I’d like to share a breakthrough I had in perspective today. You are an ambassador of many trades: mental health, physical health, emotional health, occupational duties, monetary responsibilities, food and sustenance, etc. etc. In order to take care of yourself, you must take care of ALL of yourself, and that takes incredible management skills. Add in children and a partner if you have those, and you’ve got your hands full. I’m currently in the middle of another referral process for a specialist, and I was very much getting overwhelmed by everything I needed to face. Finding doctors is another layer of responsibility that is perhaps the most frustrating, and long wait periods can make it worse. But being an effective ambassador and self-advocate also means knowing how to allocate your energy. I’m learning that it’s important not to skip ahead when something more foundational has not yet been met. For instance, prioritizing your food and water intake first before tackling anything else job-related is crucial to your wellness overall. Battling hEDS symptoms on top of all the other duties we have can feel staggering. But as I learn more about myself each day, taking the time to journal and reflect, I understand just a bit more about how to live my best life. Take it one day at a time. I hope this post helps anyone struggling to juggle all the beanbags we carry with us on a daily basis. ♥️ TL;DR Give yourself credit for everything you as an ambassador needs to manage, and don’t forget to allow yourself all the recovery time you need. Life is tough, but you are tougher.

Posted by Deleted (88350390) at 2023-02-01 01:59:46 UTC