Yay! Just got my Body Braid in the post. It feels quite nice for posture, sitting here in my office chair. I think maybe I need a cushion behind the small of my back though. Anyway, I was wondering if anyone uses Body Braid with Thoracic outlet syndrome? I find that lifting my shoulders (as much as possible throughout the day) is very helpful for regaining some function in my arms (I have lost a lot of arm/hand function from injury/TOS, also have ulnar tunnel syndrome from it). The Body Braid feels like it's pushing my shoulders down a fair bit, so I'm a little bit unsure how to make sure I don't help one issue whilst making another issue worse. I am already getting some pain in one shoulder from 15 minutes wearing the braid. Any advice or ideas, or experiences? #bodybraid #TOS #Ulnar

Posted by Ida at 2023-02-01 19:54:08 UTC