I was laid off October of last year without severance pay, PTO paid off and with wages owed to this day. πŸ˜” I've been searching for jobs, and no luck. The reason I decided to post here is because it's been affecting me physically and emotionally. I've been having a lot of flares. There has been a lot of layoffs here in the United States, particularly in tech. So, thought I would start a thread in case there are more people here, too, looking for a job. I was first looking for part-time jobs due to my symptoms, but given that my medical expenses are over 50% of my regular full-time salary, it's just not possible (all my EDS doctors are out of pocket). If I do part-time work, I probably will have to get more than one job. Places I've looked for work (I'm a project manager, and I've been looking for remote work): Linkedin, Indeed, Glassdoor, the Mom Project, chronically capable (sadly, not many job postings), government sites such as USAJobs (sadly, they require government experience the ones I've seen), and Robert Half. Any other recommendations? πŸ’— Thank you. πŸ¦“

Posted by joannacar at 2023-02-03 05:36:48 UTC