Hi all, You might be aware that I'm a Trustee at the Pelvic Partnership, a charity that supports those affected by Pelvic Girdle Pain (pgp). I am delighted to share that myself, Jen Campbell & Sarah Fishburn (both from the charity) have been awarded joint winners of the Heather Trickey Essay Prize. I've included a link below which takes you to the announcement, and includes access to both essays, should you wish to read. https://heathertrickeyprize.org/2022-award-winners/ Pgp is common but not normal. It is more tricky to recover from when you are hypermobile, hence my difficulty road. I am determined to bring change for those affected by this condition. Feel free to share as you see fit ♥️

Posted by aoco1 at 2023-02-05 11:50:13 UTC