Hello everyone. I have so many questions spinning around in my head, so I think I’ll create a different post for each topic. My right thumb and forearm has been excruciating lately. My PT did some soft tissue work and gave me some very gentle movement to help stabilize and strengthen. However, I keep hurting myself every day, since I am VERY right-handed. I need recommendations for #thumb #bracing and/or #wristsupport please! I haven’t found a #handspecialist or #occupationaltherapist yet and my insurance may be running out soon, so any suggestions would be helpful. Thank you. Adding these articles on #splints #splinting #bracing #ktape by Jo Southhall at @Jeannie Di Bon ‘s recommendation: https://jboccupationaltherapy.co.uk/using-splinting/ https://jboccupationaltherapy.co.uk/splinting-types/

Posted by mischascookin at 2023-02-05 15:54:59 UTC