Does anyone else have illiopsoas tendonitis (aka - hip flexor tendonitis or "internal slapping hip"?) Lots of overlapping symptoms with a labral tear, but I had that ruled out with MRI. Anyway, I know mine is due to lumbar levoscolosis (levo, as in curving to the left) sending my pelvis/hips into a rotation, shortening my right leg (functionally, not anatomically) and causing right illiopsoas weakness/tightness at the same time. I've been working to strengthen my posterior chain with Jeannie's exercises to counterbalance my tendency to depend on anterior "hanging" off my hips and illiopsoas, and that is helping. I also use massage of the hip flexor with flares. But it's very slow going!! If anyone else is dealing or has dealt with this and can offer additional suggestions, I'd be very, very grateful!!

Posted by Bahercat at 2023-02-07 03:30:57 UTC