Hi zebras, I'm looking for some advice. Maybe someone's on the same boat and found some good solutions for sleeping with CCI. As the winter carries on my MCAS is getting worse and as a result my hypermobility increases. I've been waking up with a back ache quite frequently lately. I have problems both with my neck due to CCI and with my lumbar spine which is very mobile and tends to do things when it's unhappy. I have a good, medium firm mattress (otty) but still i find it too soft to sleep on my back (I find my body relaxes too much and that freaks me out). I'm sure it's also connected to some horrible experiences from last year when I'd sublux the vertebrae in my spine whilst sleeping. So for the past 5-6 months I've been sleeping on my side, on a firm buckwheat pillow with pillow between my legs to keep my hips and knees happy and another one to keep my shoulder from subluxing. But now that doesn't seem to work so well. Any suggestions would be much appreciated! #cci #mcas #sleep #vertebralsubluxation

Posted by olgalipska at 2023-02-07 11:27:26 UTC