Has anyone else tried Botox for migraines? I tried it probably three ish years ago and it went horribly. The neurologist injected 200 units into my traps, back of my neck, forehead, temples, the usual protocol. The result was me not being able to lean forward or backward IN THE SLIGHTEST without experiencing sharp pain in my neck. If my head wasn’t perfectly stacked atop my spine, it was painful. It took the full three months to wear off, I wasn’t able to work, and I had to go on pregabalin which had its own set of horrible side effects I. To this day I don’t have the same strength in my neck, I still experience pain when I lean backward (not so much forward). I’ve been following along with the strengthening videos and the pain relief videos but was wondering if anyone had a similar experience? I mentioned it to a pilates instructor recently and she said “well it probably had that effect on you because you’re so hyper mobile” and then went on to explain how the doctor probably also hit a nerve or something rather, I wasn’t able to understand her reasoning. Again, just wondering if anyone has had a similar experience or could elaborate on what might have happened!

Posted by eberthelot099 at 2022-02-01 04:53:07 UTC