#travel #neck Hi everyone, I am starting to prepare for possible 10 hour overnight flight to attend the global EDS conference in person--I know it's in August, but I'm thinking about how we will get there without resulting in a flare. I prefer the 10 hour California to London flight but I thought about breaking it up and stopping on East Coast of US to visit family, then fly over, primarily to avoid sleep. I need to get on making a choice about travel before tickets get more expensive. Before a 5 hour flight in Dec, I tried various neck pillows (the Cabeu pillow that @Jeannie Di Bon recommended in a different travel thread, osterich). Unfortunately I have a mutantly long neck (truly) and the pillows are too short. Has anyone ever hired a sewer/seamstress?(not really sure of the title) to create a supportive neck pillow? My PT recommended upgrading to first with points so I can lay flat, but I'd like to be with my daughter (who thankfully has her father's neck!) and I figured a custom neck pillow would be more economical! Thank you in advance for any tips you've tried for supporting sleep posture in an upright coach seat.

Posted by Gumby Shrink at 2023-02-08 15:50:33 UTC