I had such a great experience doing the new class to release fascia that I want to tell you all about it. When I placed the Franklin balls under my sacrum as @Jeannie Di Bon instructs us to do in the video, I had such a sensation of release in my sacrum. I stayed that way a little longer as I watched Jeannie do the next exercise. (I was heeding her warning about skipping that one if you have SI joint instability.) I breathed and relaxed, and when I removed the balls, I felt complete relief from the nagging nerve pain that often shoots through one side of my pelvis, especially after exercise. I’m so excited to have a way to release that area and relieve that pain! I’ve been living with it for about 16 years! Thank you, @Jeannie Di Bon !

Posted by amberbuscemi at 2023-02-09 05:38:08 UTC