A few questions about central sensitization: Two different migraine neurologists, including the one who diagnosed me with EDS, say I have central sensitization. This means that my brain is hyperexcitable in the presence of discomfort and amplifies and prolongs all-over pain. I am also sensitive to medications and all but a narrow range of temperatures. Is central sensitization woven into the theory on which the classes and programs here are based? It seems very likely. Secondly, are there any good educational resources anywhere on this syndrome--especially here in TZC? I am unsure how to address this significant problem. My neurologist spends only 20 minutes with me every two months and hasn't offered any solutions. I wonder whether I need a different sort of specialist, biofeedback, or brain training. Or maybe TZC integral approach is addressing the hyperexcitable brain component of pain?

Posted by Jenny at 2023-02-10 12:32:36 UTC